Speed up your communications with the ComColor.  Color has POWER and adds impact to your communications, boosts recall and can influence opinion.

The RISO products we carry are full of color.  Whether you need very fast black and white printing or full color inkjet printing, we can help you finish those tasks.  Our full line of RISO products print color as fast as 150 pages per minute or duplicate a single (180 pages per minute) or two colors in 150 pages per minute.

These products are built for heavy-duty use with high volume printing jobs.  The simple paper path allows you to print large volumes of paper or envelopes at a time.  So instead of printing the envelope and stuffing the letter/statements, why don’t you have our product complete that job in one push of a button.

Give us a call at 855-900-7476 and we can discuss the right product for the right job and show you how it can be done.

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